Why Should We Be Concerned With Maintenance and Updating?

A website can be as important as phone and mail services for many, and more important for some. Your website has most likely been a significant investment, is a powerful communication tool, and the source for the majority of new business. To keep such a valuable resource secure and working smoothly should be of the highest priority.

WordPress is a powerful open-source website application. Because it’s open-source there are literally thousands of people in the WordPress community perpetually working on improving everything about it. That makes WordPress a very powerful tool, and creates the need for vigilant maintenance.

The WordPress community released four major core updates between August 1, 2013 and April 16, 2014. In order to maintain security, compatibility and functionality the plugins that add so much power to WordPress need to keep up. There is hardly a day goes by I don’t see at least one plugin needing an update.

Some updates make WordPress more functional, and many are made to keep WordPress sites more secure. It’s important to stay informed on issues in order to know when there are security risks that need to be dealt with, and to know the proper procedures. All of that activity can make it difficult for site owners to keep up with.

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