I would love to discuss your project with you,
whatever level of involvement you may need from me.

The following is an overview of my process. It is my belief that this process applies to most any project, regardless of media or intent. It applies to business and non-profit, as well as personal projects. You may need my involvement from beginning to end, or for just one task of one stage of your project. Please contact me so we can develop a plan and put it in motion.

1: Define Goals + Objectives = Define Success
2: Create Tools + Solutions = Formulate Success
3: Implement + Optimize = Develop Success
4: Monitor + Analyze = Measure Success

A clients input and participation will have a direct impact on the success of a project. It is invigorating to work with clients that make a commitment to succeed at their goals and objectives.


1: Define


1: Define Goals + Objectives = Define Success

If you haven’t done so already we will need to begin by establishing specific goals and objectives of your project. This stage of the project will benefit from your active participation. This is about you, your project, your outcome and you possess an understanding of the goals you would like to achieve. As those goals are identified and articulated the foundation of the project will be laid. Your input at this stage is invaluable.

Defining our goals gives us power over them.

Next we will develop realistic objectives to address those goals. These can be long term or short term objectives that develop foundational, financial or team building efforts. Establishing clear goals and objectives can be challenging work, but it will provide the compass for everything that follows. Perhaps you’ve done much of this work already and we will be able to move directly on to formulating the tools and solutions.

2: Formulate


2: Create Tools + Solutions = Formulate Success

Now that success has been defined we are ready to choose the tools and solutions that will best deliver results. It will be my job to create, design, and develop the solutions that achieve your goals and objectives while keeping your project in budget.

There is a challenge in the learning,
knowing, and understanding of a thing.
The test is in clearly communicating it.

The solution to your needs may be as simple as print media, such as brochures, ads for publications, identity packages, or any combination of these. Or you may be in need of something more involved, such as a logo and branding standards, or a website, content strategy, social media, and SEO. It may be that the solution for you could be nothing more than regularly scheduled website maintenance. It will all depend on your needs, the budget, and the objectives of your project. Appropriate choices will be presented that fit your project’s criteria, we’ll discuss the merits of each, and you will decide on the path you wish to pursue.

“If I would’ve had more time I would’ve written a shorter book.” – Mark Twain

A mix of marketing media is optimal for most objectives. Supporting your efforts with collateral media channels is beneficial. It all depends on the goals, objectives, and budget.

At this point I will produce the tools of choice, with collaboration between us at key points in the process, and all will be made ready for implementation. It is my job to work with you to achieve your goals and stay within your budget.

3: Develop


3: Implement + Optimize = Develop Success

It is now time to implement our efforts by publishing and distributing the solutions that have been created. That may be accomplished in any number of ways, depending on what tools and solutions you have decided on.

‘Location, location, location’ is still everything.
But the online ‘location’ is a virtual and constantly shifting space.

Once published and distributed it’s important to optimize the results to ensure a successful project. Online solutions will benefit from SEO and social media efforts in order to optimize results. Print media will be optimized by ensuring properly placed distribution, and implementation of online promotions.

On the client’s end optimization may involve steps to ensure an outstanding customer experience, optimizing workflows, employee training, or any combination of these and other possibilities.

4: Measure


4: Monitor + Analyze = Measure Success

Now we get to see what we’ve done right, and what we could do better. It’s time to measure our success using your goals and objectives as metrics.

The tools used to monitor response will depend on the media used in the project. If the project is produced using online tools such as a website, social media, or an email campaign there are many tracking tools and options available. If the project is print based different solutions will be used for tracking response. For example: using a QR code on printed pieces will provide the ability to make an online connection to the printed piece, and provide options for online tracking.

Your project’s success is my goal.

Finally, the results will need to be viewed and interpreted. There are infinite ways to view results, so the goals and objectives you developed will guide us to a more focused analysis. Some goals can be set up in the online analytics to give specific reports, and others may need data collected from different sources. Once the reports and data are gathered they will be ready for interpretation.



One of the real bonuses you may realize will be finding new areas
of interaction that will benefit your customers and your business.

What was the Return On Investment for your project? Did it meet or exceed your expectations? Were there collateral or unexpected benefits as a result of this project?

In addition to your stated objectives you will learn a great deal about your customers during analysis. This will help us to identify areas that will further benefit you and your customers. I will follow up with you to go over the reports, analytics and results. You will learn more about how your customers find you, how and why they use your website, and their primary reasons for visiting and doing business with you. One of the real bonuses you may realize will be finding new areas of interaction that will benefit your customers and your business.

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