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I’d like to think that my work speaks for itself.
If not, then it will not speak well for me no matter how loud I scream its virtues.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with independent, and small to medium sized businesses. It’s truly a rewarding experience contributing to businesses that are committed to success, and the lives of the people involved in them.

It’s also a joy working with non-profits, and those that are trying to make the world a better place, even when it’s just their little corner of it. The world needs more of you. Let’s talk.

Those that choose to work with me will be working with someone that understands the need for a good return on investment and timely completion. On my part: project management is crucial, creative skills are vital, and listening skills are imperative.

You Talk, I’ll Listen.


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To find a way to create as an occupation is a blessing.
The act of creating is what makes me feel alive.

My background is primarily in design, printing, fine art, and as a restauranteur. The positions I have held have been as owner, partner, manager, contractor and production level employee. All of that is a long story that I will not bore you with, except to say that it has provided me with a good understanding of creative collaboration, management and the need for timely completion. And possibly most important of all is the understanding that the user experience is vital to the success of any human interaction, particularly websites and online media.


For the last three years I have held a position on the Board of Directors for the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association. The board chose me to serve as delegate to Venture Portland, where I also sat on their Board of Directors and on the Grants Committee.

The Jade District

One project that gives me great satisfaction to have been a part of is the creation of the Jade District, an urban renewal project that is within the 82nd Avenue Business District. We provided leadership, coordination and fiscal responsibility for this project. I wrote the grant establishing the Jade District, and served as its first grant coordinator while providing graphic and web design services. This was a very exciting and worthwhile project. Look for the Jade District to emerge as one of Portland’s most valued and outstanding district’s.

Venture Portland

Two and a half years serving on the Board of Directors and Grants Committee for Venture Portland has been a fabulous experience! Venture Portland serves over 30 of Portland’s business districts in some truly relevant and energizing ways. This is an organization that provides training, funding, technical assistance and networking to its member districts. This organization plays a major role in assuring that Portland retains that which makes Portland the unique and wonderful city it is.


Additionally, I hold two degrees that will serve you well. One in graphic design, and one in web design and development. I achieved a 4.0 GPA in the Web Design & Development degree, and have a cumulative 3.82 GPA. That certainly doesn’t mean my education is complete. The world of Design and Communications requires a steady vigilance to keep current in the ever evolving technologies. But what an exciting time!

It really is all about the user experience.

Owning and operating a restaurant for seven years was an amazing experience. I love to cook, mostly because I love food. But also because it is a creative expression that can be shared in a way that builds and strengthens relationships. Cooking. Eating. Wine. Sharing. What a fantastic way to spend time! There is a lot to be said about the opportunity to add to the quality of another person’s day. All of that, and the people, are what made owning a restaurant for seven years so much fun. The restaurant business is one that shows how it really is all about the user experience in a way that everyone can understand.

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You, Your Business, Your Message. Articulated. Communicated.

My view on design in general tends towards minimalism. Include only the elements that are necessary to the function or aesthetics of a design. Clear. Concise. With room to breath.

This is especially important when designing for information rich projects such as websites or catalogs. The viewer should be able to easily navigate the information, and a strategic hierarchy can be implemented by the designer. A minimalist approach to design will enable both of those attributes while providing much faster page loads for websites.

There is a challenge in the learning,
knowing, and understanding of a thing.
The test is in clearly communicating it.