Case Notes: Touché Restaurant & Bar

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Case Notes
Case Notes: Touché Restaurant & Bar
Touché Website Case Notes:

The Touché Restaurant & Bar website began as a redesign project. The site they had at the time was confusing to navigate and difficult for staff to update content that changed, such as menus. It also lacked social media integration and promotional enhancements. Additionally, the site’s structure received very low rankings for speed and SEO, and was not responsive for mobile viewing.

Management also felt that the look of the old site did not represent the restaurant. The photography was part of that as some the photos were of foods the restaurant did not serve. Also, photos were not representative of the style of Touché’s presentation. Nor were graphic elements representative of Touché.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project is the very complex set of menus that Touché offers. So, we started this project by developing a sitemap and user friendly navigation to satisfy the complex menu system. Once that was satisfied the rest of the navigation fell into place very nicely.

The site now has a responsive design, new photos were taken, social media was integrated, visual style and colors were made to be representative of the restaurant, a promotional area was placed on the home page and SEO was improved. Last, but not least, this project satified all goals, met deadlines, and stayed on budget.