Case Notes: Discover 82nd Avenue

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Case Notes
Case Notes: Discover 82nd Avenue
82nd Avenue Website Case Notes:

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association website needs to serve many different needs. As the most diverse district in Portland it needs to serve the multicultural businesses and community. As a business association it needs to market the businesses as well as serve the businesses by providing information and networking. As an organization the site needs to provide tools for collaboration, information and recruiting membership. As a community member the site needs to create a sense of community, a community identity, and provide information about commununity resources. That is a very complex project.

In order to keep the project within budget and on track separated it into three prongs that would be developed in three phases. One of the top priorities for this project, as with all websites, is the ability to communicate. So the priority for Phase 1 was communication.

Since they are communicating to a very diverse community it needed to have multilingual capabilities as a foundation of the site. A decision was made to start with a limit of the five most perdominant languages. Those included Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish and English.

A directory and showcase of supporting members, and online recruitment of new members were included in Phase 1. Along with business, community, and government resources, and posting of association and community events.

The site will be accessed by many different people, from many different backgrounds, and for many different reasons. The navigation needs to be organized very intuitively. When all three phases are completed the site will be a seamless integration of three different sites: Live, Visit and Business. This project stayed on budget and met deadline for Phase 1.