Case Notes: Mazzi’s Italian Restaurant

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Case Notes
Case Notes: Mazzi’s Italian Restaurant
Mazzi’s Website Case Notes:

This Mazzi’s website was a redesign of their old site, which was four years old. We utilized all of their existing content, but creating a new site provided us the opportunity to add much more in the way of features and functions. We started this project by defining a budget, and looking into what worked and what didn’t work with the old site.

That made a great segue into exploring how Mazzi’s would like the site to function, and what features to include. The most important items on their list were that the site be responsive, able to integrate with their social media, and that menu updates could be carried out by staff.

These are all things that most modern WordPress sites are capable of delivering. In addition we laid the foundation that is able to handle much more. Just to name a few, they will be able to add things like eCommerce, a reservation system, and customer surveys and feedback systems can all be added to this site when Mazzi’s is ready.

Mazzi’s also decided to have new photos of their food added. Professional food photos are such a powerful addition to restaurant websites and promotions that it cannot be overstated. And last, but not least, we stayed on budget.